Reminder: BTC jumped 61% in only 3 weeks. $100k is in striking distance.


Just in case today’s (very healthy) correction is giving you amnesia, let me remind you of something:

On September 29th, after a long, slow, nerve-wracking climb out from under $30k, the price opened at $41,049.

Twenty one days later, the price closed at $66,128.

I’m rooting for a six-figure Bitcoin by end of year (because why not) but even assuming this current correction lasts into January, another 61% move from where we are right now would put Bitcoin at $97,000.

Let me run that by you again: just one more big move– a move the exact same size as the last one– puts us at the cusp of breaking six figures.

P.S.: If 60k doesn’t hold this week, this post will probably age like milk, but that’s life on the edge, baby.

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