Remember the Evergrande dip from 47K-39K? Remember when people complained about not catching the dip? Well here we’re again.


This is the dip, this is what a dip looks like, no one knows if it will dip more or moon. We all take chances when we buy during dips, you can’t time the market.

I saw lot of folks complaining about not being able to buy the dip because they thought it would go up, or go down even more.

2 days later we dipped so much that it wiped out all the pumps from the day before, but we pumped yet again closing above the weekly support cluster.

The choice is upto you guys now, buying the dip or staying in the sidelines watching the market. But don’t complain about missing the 42K dip if we started hitting new ATH again, cuz you made a decision to not buy the dip, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

TL;DR: Don’t regret your traders (even those you don’t take).

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