Remember, ETH 2.0 announcement started 2020 bull run, now The Merge is on a verge.


In 2020, after almost 3 years of crypto winter, the announcement of ETH 2.0 was the key factor that has shaken the crypto world out of the sleep. ETH was first to gain in price, then bitcoin followed and took the lead and whole crypto world has little by little entered into the mania.

Now, its time for The Merge to happen and empower biggest crypto community into something much more usable in peak load times.

World economy

This time world economy is not in the greatest shape. Recession might be looming.

Post covid issues, war in ukraine, oil prices (affects everything) , logistics issues etc.

Which led to inflation, which leads to FED QE tightening, essentially taking money out of the markets, primarily stock market, but this also affects crypto market.

It is all affecting consumers and there is less free money floating around and speculating, however, all this is priced in for some time now.

Prerequisite for growth – tech

Ethereum is a home to digital money, global payments, and applications – a whole booming digital economy.

It will now significantly improve. The technology behind it will allow much more.

All the L2 solutions that are up and coming, that scale Ethereum, will scale even more now.

At its peak, dapps and smart contracts were almost unusable with the transaction times and fees. But now, they get empowered. This is like 5G, allowing for users to create so much more.

We could start rising now. The small bull run could happen right now in its infancy fueled by the new Ethereum and the L2 solutions and being on toes to boom as soon as economy stabilizes.

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