Remember – Dogelon Mars is in the top 100 by mcap, while Nano, TRAC, ONT, LTO and multiple other good projects are not.


Doing my morning review of the market and what do you know? Dogelon Mars has a $1.12B mcap. Which makes it a top 100 crypto.

I mean I am at a loss for words. Don’t tell me this is happening for the third freakin time… For a moment I thought of doing a bit of trading with it, chasing the pump, but… No. I don’t have it in me.

Whenever you try to apply some kind of logic or reason with crypto market, these kind of things happen.

I for one, am fine with it. Bcs it means we’re still early. Profits from meme coins have to go somewhere. And most likely, they will go to solid projects. And that’s where my money is.

Just remember – none of this makes any sense whatsoever. Dogelon Mars?

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