REMEMBER: DO NOT FOMO. This bull run is awesome but it can’t go up forever.


It is not always smart buying at every green day you see. There are cases of temporary increases and buying at the peak is the least profitable time. Although it is not possible to predict when the peak will be and when there will be a decline, it is worth stopping and thinking and not rushing and FOMOing.

I bought at almost ATH in the previous giant bull run so I’m just back to the break even point on some of my crypto.

The real profits come when you buy low, not at ATH.

Its not financial advice, but you really should stop and think even though there’s a hype right now.

Edit: Just to clarify, I wish this bull run will continue till 100K BTC / 20K ETH or more, I’m out of fiat so I only want this to go up. But, I don’t want people to make the same mistakes I have made.

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