Redditors NFT Hodlers … UNITE ✊ !!!


Reddit NFT are funny but you will not become millionnaire with them .

I have another funny but serious propositon ; Why not to create communities of doers around them with web3 standards organised as DAOs.

What those DAOs will/can look like ?

All redditors who want to to get into web3 and didn’t didn’t find the door , don’t have tons of $ to spend on sh*tty marketting and are lonely and need some helping hans to start .

Let’s join our forces and buiDL …

if you are rich you can join but don’t say too loudly that you are , We are doers and not need a tons of money to make sucessful projects.

Mega giga light roadmap:

Create the dao Projects proposal (Everyone can make a proposal) Voting (Everyone should work on the selected project ) . It will not be winner and loosers but a ranking , most voted project will go first . (As a designer i’m thinking on an NFT collection but it can be any other projects ). Start project 1 Doing everything to make the project a success Start Projet 2 Repeat step 5 increment step 6 and repeat step 5

I’ve got an NFT from The singularity collection , so Robot crew UNITE !!!!

Other Collections can do the same , it will make things more spicy.

Your friend The singularity #14825

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