Reddit released the new NFT collectible avatars and it seems that the majority of Reddit doesn’t like them.


You can read the post on r/reddit (link)

For the most part people seem to not like the idea of reddit selling nfts, it also seems like reddit avoided calling them nfts for this very reason and called them collectibles.

The artist seem to like it as a way to get their work out and make some extra income.

comments vary on the main thread but here are some highlights.

They already missed the train for the NFT Ponzi scheme too. The Reddit devs were too slow This works much better as an April Fools idea One day there will be a post here that will make me say, “oh good, I can see me actually using this new feature ever.” That day is not today.

Noone wants this. First the post about the video player and now this bs is the thing you worry about apparently. Are you serious?

saved the best for last

This feels like one of those things where in a few months there will be an update post where Reddit Admins are apologizing for ‘missing the mark’, and telling us ‘we hear you’ when they announce its going away.

NFTs are cancer, even if you go out of your way to not say the word NFT.

so I personally like the one I bought (first NFT I’ve bought) but the non crypto general population on reddit seam to really hate the idea of NFTs.

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