Reddit, please don’t do it.


I just went ahead and read a few articles about Reddit converting points to crypto tokens.

I personally think converting karma point to ERC20 tokens is a horrible idea.

I’ve been feeling a little off about this but let me voice my opinion about this matter this time.

Remember when this sub started equating karma or engagement points to moons? It became, at some point, unbearable. Luckily, there were some regulations implemented so that it becomes a little bearable. But imagine a whole social media platform doing the same thing?

I mean, yes, the first ambition — the first goal which is to get those 500 million people aboard the crypto tech space, it’s a doable, it’s a purposeful goal, well, for cryptocurrency as a whole. I understand, we want mass adoption, sure, and 500 mil is a lot of heads.

The thing is tho, I see a lot of spam accounts lately, and my god, those are very annoying. There’s a lot of trash out there that are certainly, surely gaining attention. Should we anticipate misinformation everyday on every sub of points hoarders? Reddit, I came here for contents, alright. Good contents.

All those paid shillers, with that additional benefit (if ever it is implemented) will get proper motivation to create more and more contents.

Here’s what I think, and I don’t need to convince you to agree with this. I think Reddit would just create another sub or I don’t know, major sub? mini-Reddit? that will convert members’s points to a crypto token. Do not mess Reddit as a whole, please.

Well, again, this is my opinion. I’m certainly no expert, there a people out there who specializes in certain areas like this, and I jsut want to write this to give my unsolicited sentiment about it.

This sure is now longer than I expected it to be, so well bye.

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