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Yesterday I have made a list, sorted by trading volume, to have a little overview. The resume wasnt that bad so I will continue to keep that up to date.

if you have more question and want to find more info you can visit r/avatartrading

The biggest news from yesterday:

TheSenses got 2 sales (0.55ETH & 0,89 ETH)

The DripSquad got also 2 higher sales (0.25 ETH & 0.1 ETH)

The 2 Senses and the one Drip was bought from a MAYC Holder.

Nr. Collection + Link Total Volume Floor Price Total Supply 1 TheSenses 3.7 ETH 0.47 ETH 1.3K 2 Drip Squad 1.5 ETH 0.02 ETH 85.2K 3 Meme Team 1.2 ETH 0.02 ETH 141.3K 4 Baked Goods & Evils 1.1 ETH 0.2 ETH 958 (not sold out) 5 The Singularity 0.67 ETH 0.01 ETH 334.3K 6 Natsukashii 0.63 ETH 0.08 ETH 1.3K 7 Foustlings 0.46 ETH 0.03 ETH 1.7K (not sold out) 7 I quit my job 0.46 ETH 0.04 ETH 595 (not sold out) 9 Aww Friends 0.44 ETH <0.01 ETH 209.8K 10 Avatar Rock Out 0.24 ETH 0.2 ETH 541 (not sold out)

I will keep only the top 10 by trading volumen. The other collections has no significant movements yet to be mentored here.

have aa nice day

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