Reddit, Moons, Mainnet…OK now what?


Putting myself out there to understand a few things, so go easy on me.

Ok, I see changes, mainly the Eth section added to my vault. I understand I need to use FTX if I want to add Eth to my vault to pay gas fees for various transactions to include gifting and such.

So, the thing I’m a little confused about is how to connect my metamask wallet, and why I would want to do this. Is this related to the Eth, or moons in my vault/wallet?

Further, I’d love to understand the added value of going mainnet. I’m missing something, I acknowledge this. For now, I keep participating in the sub to earn moons…..but I can’t help but think connecting more things to other things introduces risk/vulnerabilities.

I look forward to your spears, and value adding comments too.

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