Realistically, what are you going to buy when you get enough profits from your Crypto portfolio?


Well, we all joke about getting a lambo when our Crypto portfolio skyrockets. But realistically, what are you going to buy, or would you keep hodling this money?

For me, I am into filmmaking. 5 years ago, through an initial investment in this business, I was able to buy a good camera and editing setup at the time.

But to upgrade from this one, I will need a huge sum of money.

What do I have? Currently I have 2015 Macbook Pro, Panasonic Camera 4k, a small Office/editing setup. (Usually I rent out the equipments I require for specific shoots)

What do I need? MacBook M1 Max, Sony A7Siii with all the lenses, Mavic pro Cine Drone, a bigger editing setup and a good size studio (on rent)

Total investment required – $15K +

So whenever my crypto portfolio moons, I will probably DCA into all my requirements.

I can definitely buy everything right now with what I have invested in Crypto. But I am being patient and I will hodl my portfolio until its sufficient.

Tell me what would you buy or do with your profits?

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