Realistic Opinion: You will do better if you only invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum than if you buy altcoins


I full expect to get downvoted to oblivion because this Sub loves altcoins.

Out of the top 100 coins from 2017, only 32 are in the top 100 now. Around 10 of them don’t even exist anymore.

My point here is that it is easy to get excited about the next big altcoin, when in reality most of them won’t go anywhere, and will probably be lower in the next bull run than they are now.

If you invest in SOL for example, you’re just asking for trouble. EOS is essentially the same project and it had the exact same hype last time around. Now it’s a ghost chain. (SOL fanboys, I’m happy to bet moons on this)

To be realistic, you are better off investing 90% of your money into Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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