Raoul Pal publicly recommended “20% risk free return”, then edited/deleted those videos, and now claims he never recommended it and doesnt even understand it. Internet never forgets. He just lost all reputation instantly. Pathetic


How to go from something to zero, Raoul Pal Real Vision style: Recommend something, then when your recommendation crashes and burns, go back on your own statement and say “I never did any of it”

Part 1: Recommend

Part 1: Recommend.

Not only this, he posted many tweets and many videos talking about his solid investments which included the same coins.

There is a video where he says “You can put your money and stake it at 20%, basically risk free”

This is exactly what he said. Basically risk free. Yeah.. about that.

Part 2: Shit implodes and claim you never said any of it.

After calling it a risk free return, now he claims he never even understood it.

Suddenly, he was never involved.

Oops, I dindu nuffin…

Part 3: Sad attempt to remove evidence

Not only that, whats even more hilarious – his investment advisory/publishing media company Real Vision edited all their youtube videos where they talk about this coin and the 20% returns. Yeah.. they actually edited old youtube videos to remove those portions of the videos which talk about it.

They now claim they have edited the video because “its a delicate matter”. LMAO

Look Pal… lots of people recommended it. Some funds/VCs have openly said they made a mistake. They are still responsible but atleast they own up to it. But to literally say you didnt do what you did – thats utterly ridiculous and such a scum thing to do.

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