r/CryptoCurrency Trivia at 3:00 PM UTC 8-7-22 for 1000 MOONS to the winners


Answer questions correctly to win r/CryptoCurrency MOONs!

This will be played with Kahoot, so it’s best played with Kahoot on your phone (web or app). Join Kahoot with your Reddit username (no random names). Your Reddit account must have posted in this subreddit before the event to qualify for awards.

1st – 650 Moons

2nd – 250 Moons

3rd – 100 Moons

This post will be edited to add the game link at 3:00 pm UTC

Topic is GENERAL KNOWLEDGE – The final question is 2x points, chance to recover from low rank!

No you don’t need to download the app to play There will be 15 Questions in total, top 3 will be rewarded Every question will have 20 seconds timer, fast answer = more points Questions are about r/cc + cryptocurrency in general the game will start automatically when the players are filled

unfortunately, There is a 50 Player limit so fastest finger first, join the link to be among the 50 to play

any questions, ask below

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