Question about staking LP ( BTC/ ETH, Stables, Ect)


I’m new to staking and earning yield by farming and a decent amount of BTC. Currently been using . Currently the BTC / ETH farm they have is on bsc and have a yearly APY19.79% and DAILY ROI 0.05%. What do you guys think ? is this fair? Are there better options out there? I think its alright and gas is cheap on bsc to harvest rewards but again want to hear your feed back. The other attractive features they have are that they are available on multiple chains ( BSC, MOVR, GLMR) with bridges available to easily transfer between chains. Another question at hand would be is there a risk to staking stables ? what makes it attractive to stake stable coins for the investor and why isnt everyone doing it ?
I will appreciate your advice and sentiments. Thank you!

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