PSA: You do not get 20% bonus MOONS for holding in your vault, you get a 20% bonus to your KARMA if you hold them.


“If you hold moons in your vault you get a 20% bonus on the next distribution!!”

Seen this before? Or something similar? I’ve seen this at least 4-5 times in highly upvoted posts in just the last 2 or 3 days and it’s NOT accurate and, imo, is pretty misleading for new people.

It can be taken in one of two ways:

You get 20% bonus on moons you earned for the month from upvotes. Turning 1000 moons into 1200 moons. This is technically accurate since you do get a bonus on karma and 20% more karma will mean 20% more moons! For holding 1000 moons in your vault, you will get 200 bonus moons JUST for holding. This is NOT accurate and I’ve seen multiple misunderstandings of this.

How it actually works is that if you hold the last distribution of moons in your vault you will receive a 20% bonus to the karma calculation for the upcoming snapshot. Let’s have a look at an example:

We’ll use a very basic example of 1000 karma accumulated for the 28 day period from upvotes including all other bonuses (apart from the 20% from hodling). And I’m going to assume that the moon karma ratio is 0.25.

Using 1000*0.25 to calculate our moon amount, we would receive 250 moons for our shitposting hard work!

But if we held our last distribution, we would get a 20% bonus, which would net us 1200 karma total. This would equal 1200*0.25 for a total of 300 moons. While this is 20% extra moons when all is said and done, it is distinctly different from saying “we get 20% bonus moons for hodling”, which I’ve seen numerous people mistake for something akin to staking.

Please be more specific in the language you use and let’s not mislead people with false information.

EDIT: As /u/fan_of_hakiksexydays pointed out rightfully, the moon distribution amount is fixed per distribution, so the only time you would REALLY get a 20% bonus to moons is if you were the only one who hodled the previous distribution.

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