PSA: Always keep at least 1 DOT in your Polkadot wallet or you will lose everything!


Polkadot is a bit strange in many ways and most of it is not explained in a way that is obvious to non-programmers.

(For example, I could not figure out why I couldn’t see my funds in my wallet until someone explained to me the difference between polkadot. js the app/site and polkadot. js the extension. This was not explained in the official documentation, which shows how to set up the extension, but doesn’t mention that it is not a full wallet, like MetaMask, Phantom, Temple, etc.)

But the “feature” of reaping deserves special attention and should be understood by anyone (potentially) involved in the DOT ecosystem:

If you have less than 1 DOT in a wallet all the coins in that wallet will be burned and gone forever.

This means that if you have alt-coins in that wallet as well as some DOT and you decide to send that DOT to an exchange for trading, you will lose all your alt-coins, no matter what they are worth. Unless you leave at least 1 DOT behind.

Just something to be aware of.

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