Predict the amount of moons you are getting this distribution and WINN!!


Hello everybody,

This distribution I want to do a prediction for MOONS!! If its doing good i want to make it a monthly thing

Place your prediction on how manny moons your getting this distribution by exact number so you can go wild the person that is the closest to the number they predicted and yes i am going to look trough everybody’s prediction and the winner wil get 20 MOONS i am not a WHALE so i cant give generous rewards maybe in the future i can do better rewards

So everybody go leave your prediction and a upvote so we can do more in the future and may the best predictor WIN!!!!

Your fellow redditor HoutopHout

PS: for the people who gues 0 you have to guess a number greater than 0 thank you also prediction later than the 30th of september wil not be taking into the count

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