Posts that predict the future and end in “Here’s why.” are clickbait moonfarming posts. Here’s why.


Because no one knows shit about fuck. If someone had legitimate insider trading info, they won’t be sharing it here on reddit. The market does whatever it wants and sometimes behaves irrationally.
Bitcoin will be 100k end of year? Yeah, here’s a pandemic.

Fed announces they will begin curbing inflation, which should incentivize people to take a little bit away from their assets, but NOPE. All markets green today.

Big partnership announced with a particular project? Not even a blip in price action. Celebrity endorses a coin? 20% spike.

OMG coin is still around? Like, why?
So here’s my advice – DCA and hold in projects you believe in, and don’t sell until you need the money for something. Keep a small stash of fiat in the event of another black swan event so you can buy buy buy. Please join me in downvoting all posts that end with “Here’s why” including this one.

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