Polygon’s recent pump is only the beginning. I truly believe this chain can take over.


Polygon Nightfall is a groundbreaking rollup that combines ZK and Optimistic rollups. It’s lightyears ahead of what the competition has to offer, and it’s just the start for Polygon. No one talks about this enough. It’s not about the charts, It’s about the tech they’ve been bringing and the bullish sentiments they’ve been dropping.

This chain has been working with the likes of Draft Kings, Coinbase, Sushi, Shopify. They’ve been letting you do things like mint on MATIC and sell on the Ethereum mainnet.

Sure it’s pumping but look at the tech, look at what’s happening. I think this is the best way to catch the pump before it happens. I also think with what MATIC is bringing to the table. They can start to take over real soon.

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