Polkadot just fell out of Top10 by Marketcap while Cardano is still in the Top50 and I really don’t see why.


Crypto market is idiotic.
I know I am going to get a whole lot of shit coming my way for this, but the fact that Cardano is above Polkadot by marketcap is just absurd!

We all know the dissapointment Cardano fanboys got after the way overhyped Alonzo fork, the overcomplicated language to code on, constantly running into different issues… open your eyes, god damned.
FFS Cardano can only do 45tx/s (basic transactions only, not smart contracts!) without Hydra, which could be a long time away. Mindblowing, considering it’s marketcap compared to others.

All that while Polkadot is basically a finished Ethereum 2.0!

This is not a post to bash on Cardano, but the fact that Cardano has gone so much ahead purely on hype goes to show what kind of investors the retail really is and how marketing is like 60% of everything in Crypto nowadays.

Sorry if I sound salty, but it really makes me sad that so many great minds spent years of hard work to invent this revolutionary technology which now feels like its beeing steered the wrong way with the inflow of the Get rich quick mentality investors.
It’s just sad.

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