Politicians Want You to Stay Poor & Obedient


This infrastructure bill is proposing a 25% capital gains tax. Capital gains are the only way out of poverty/wage slavery for most of us common folks.

Sure people like AOC want your basic needs met, but the second you get a leg up, these leeches are gonna want their cut. This notion that anyone who takes a risk and then has success, is inherently taking food off the table of a poor immigrant family or what have you, is total BS. They need you broke, so that they have mindless drones working soul crushing jobs, so they can then take more tax dollars from you.

Modern day governments are evil. They want your money, they want to control your life in every conceivable way. They think they know what’s best for you and society as a whole; they’re just incompetent morons who know nothing. They spend their entire lives in government, creating legislation that takes your financial freedom, one cut at a time. Being happy to pay more in taxes doesn’t make you virtuous. It makes you a sucker and victim of propaganda.

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