Please don’t buy a lambo.


As you’ve probably seen, someone has recently been attacked in the UK for disclosing their crypto investments.

What’s the response of this sub? ‘’ LOL never reveal how much crypto you have’’.

While this is pretty sound advice, the lack of compassion in this sub and the shift of blame from the dumb fucking thugs on to the victim is appalling.

So here’s my piece of advice: don’t buy a lambo.

This is exactly the same as telling the world you have huge crypto money. You’ll just advertise to the world that you’ve made it, and it will draw a nice huge target on your back.

I was gonna say ride a bike instead, but we live in an apathetic world where even bikes are being stolen left and right.

Don’t even dare walking also, you might get jumped if you have your wallets on your phone.

Cold wallets stored in your house? You better be prepared because every night will feel like the purge, hope your security system is solid.

All in all, having money will be quite the stressful situation and yall should be prepared to handle it.

How will you cope with these newfound riches?

You can always send me your crypto and moons to free you from the burden of being rich. Just saying.

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