Plan B is still sticking to his 98k Nov and 135k Dec predictions. BTC would put a ~50%r rally in 16 days and add 34k for that.


A few hours Plan B just tweeted again and Confirmed that he is holding on to his large 98k and 135k predictions. Meaning that BTC has to rally 50% in 16 days, in what would be one of the best maybe even the best rally ever put by BTC(market cap wise).

Many have recently been saying that those targets are unreachable and would put an end to Plan Bs right prediction streak. He still sticks on those predictions tho.

One of the main reasons of people not believing on those predictions is the latest China fud halting BTCs impressive rally to 69k.

In defense of Plan B, he said that those targets can come in 5% up/down, that would still predict a 90k BTC by Nov. Also people already were sure his streak would end in September as BTC would not reach 64k from a then price of 41k, but it did.

So what do you think will BTC once again prove Plan B right?

(source: Plan B Twitter latest tweet)

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