People would rather follow popular opinion


Than take two minutes to actually look up a token/coin and read about it.

“Shiba Inu” is a misnomer. If it had a any other of a multitude of names, people might have taken those two minutes.

Here’s what you would have found:

Shibaswap. Shibaswap is similar to Uniswap and PancakeSwap, except for the creation of Shibarium, explained in the next point. ShibaSwap is also different than Uniswap in that it intends to list all tokens/coins with a trust index, rather than filtering out tokens’coins it deems untrustworthy from view. Shibarium blockchain. Shibarium is a layer two blockchain being written by the SHIB devs. Among other things, Shibarium will vastly decrease the price of swap fees by pooling swaps and allocating fees upon the pool amount before processing. Shibarium is being released for testing in 2-3 months. Art Incubator. The Art Incubator’s purpose is to assemble artists from around the world to have their names heard and produce new art (styles and artwork, including music) while being incentivized with SHIB. Additionally, artists that are already popular can advertise on the Shiba Portfolio. In a world moving toward artisanship and virtual entertainment, this is a good move. Its own NFT exchange. You might have heard that SHIB released a series of NFTs called Shiboshis last week. Besides the fact that all the NFTs were purchased in 35 minutes and that every Shiboshi minted burns $100 worth of SHIB, this is not going to be the only release. SHIB devs plan to have similar events going onward. Amazon Smile. Early on, SHIB devs allowed anyone purchasing items off Amazon to send a portion of their purchase to Shiba Inu rescue shelters. NowPayments. You can use anywhere that accepts NowPayments to make purchases with SHIB. Using NowPayments to purchase things with SHIB also burns a percentage of the transaction in SHIB. South American currency adoption. Businesses in several countries in South America have made it a priority to accept payment in SHIB in order to jumpstart the crypto revolution on their own economy. DoggyDAO, the SHIB governance system, standing for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. This will allow SHIB holders to vote on changes made to the SHIB protocol, creating a truly decentralized ecosystem (from the SHIB Whitepaper).

And that is far from all of SHIB’s developments. I didn’t include all of the algorithmic burns or how the family of coins built around SHIB were developed to secure its success in providing long-term liquidity, staking, and returns.

It’s time that people come to accept that SHIB is not a memecoin.

EDIT: I know people are going to fight me on this. Insult me. Whatever. They’re stuck thinking that SHIB has no utility and cannot accept that that just isn’t true. I will be patient. I’ll take the insults and patiently explain this, because I really feel that it needs to be understood.

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