People who write ‘don’t panic’ posts are actually the only ones panicking


Everytime there is any kind of dip, there are tons of posts from people telling you to ‘not panic, this is normal, just hodl and dca, dont panic sell, buy the dip, its just a sale’. But there is never anyone actually panicking. We have seen this so many times, its always the same.

Sure, there might be some newbies who are panicking, as they have never witnissed a bigger dip, but the majority is not panicking at all. Most people try to buy the dip or just don’t do anything and watch the cliff dive.

Imo the people writing these kind of posts are the real ones who are panicking and are only writing these kind of posts to cope with the situation and to tell themselves that everything will be fine.

There might be another even bigger crash in the coming hours or days, but it doesnt matter. Just lay back and enjoy the show

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