People who want a bear market and crash to “accumulate more coins” have no idea what they are talking about. Its not a call to be taken lightly.


No, really, are they out of their mind?

Do they have any idea how long a bear can last and how many coins can be lost and eaten up forever.

The bear market knew to “eat” the coins that were in the top10 so we only have BTC, ETH and XRP out there that survived it from 2013.

Dip is one thing, crash and bear is another. And it can last for a long period of time.

What bear brings to us:

– General distrust in cryptocurrency

– Investors are losing confidence in the market

– Prices are decreasing for possibly longer period of time

– Negative talk of cryptocurrency in news, social media, mainstream media and so on

And no, I don’t wish for a bear market so I could accumulate more coins. Some dips are totally fine. For me DCA is also a good strategy for a long term investor. Why the hell would I want bear market? It is not that fun at all!

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