People who reject the idea of cryptocurrencies because “they are not backed by anything”, that’s the whole point!


Many people who have no idea about cryptocurrencies criticize them for their decentralized nature and fluctuations in their price thanks to the law of supply and demand.

The people who defend the idea of ​​being away from crypto for this same reason, will be the same ones who defend fiat money, whose support is even worse, since it is in charge of a corrupt government that promises to control inflation, but the data prove otherwise.

No sir, there is no government or central bank or other entity that creates or supports them, this is one of the pillars and objectives of the creation of Bitcoin and other crypto. It should not pose any problem, as long as you do not invest in safecoins, dogcoins or any garbage that a random has recommended to you on the internet, so do not forget about DYOR.

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