People seriously need to stop sleeping on Loopring. They have a PATENT on decentralized exchanges active in the United States patent office. Potential to replace the NYSE.


Check out the patent for yourself.

Methods for preventing front running in digital asset transactions


“Provided is a method for matching orders of digital assets. The method comprises: receiving a plurality orders of digital asset from a plurality addresses on a distributed ledger, wherein each of the orders comprises a digital signature of the address, an authorizing public key, and an authorizing private key.”

Sounds to me like they have already beat the market in the US. This means ANY company that wants to use a decentralized exchange for ANY product will have to go through loopring.

Of course, nobody can ban a specific chain entirely — but loopring would be the goto for any corporation or business in America that wants to access a decentralized layer 2. They can’t have competitors in the US.

Edit* this is open sourced and on Ethereum so no centralization!

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