People keep buying SQUID.. Don’t forget they can come back.


You guys might remember this post I made about being a millionaire for about 5 minutes.

In that post I told you guys I lost $10 and it was no special deal for me.

Well… but 3 days later, SQUID continues to rise, which means I didn’t lose the $10. It rose around 10.000% since the scammers rugged, its currently at $0.12. I went to check it and I had around $120 in there, I thought: there’s no way I’m leaving this here, so I converted all the SQUID to BNB, which means I got around $110 profit since you’re now able to sell the token!

So yeah.. basically I made $100 from this scam token because people keep buying, even now that they now that the token is a SCAM.

DON’T BUY SQUID, the scammers still have access to the liquidity pool, meaning they can shut it down again and no one will be able to sell AGAIN.

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