People get very greedy on this sub sometimes, don’t listen to them. As long as you made profit even if it’s 10, 20, 50 or 100% you’ve won. Enjoy it!


People get too greedy here sometimes. I keep seeing posts about doing 2000x and never selling etc. but it’s important to have realistic goals and sticking to them. If your plan is for example to buy a house “hodling forever” is just stupid. You need that house now, not in 20 years time. Plus having a house early will save you a ton of money on rent.

I often compare my profit taking with traditional assets and I always feel good. I took some profits recently. Around 200+% on one of my coins and let me tell you at first I thought “maybe I sold too early, maybe I should have hodled for longer? Everyone keeps telling me we are still early” But then I compared it to my other investments and let me tell you, I’ve never had any other investment return over 200% profit in my entire life. I’ve made more with that single sale than I did in my entire life from investing. If I had to do this with my savings account or regular stocks it would take me years and I would probably never doubled my money.

It’s all about perspective. Have a goal. Realise gains once in a while. Maybe have some stablecoins waiting to buy the dip but don’t feel bad if you’ve sold earlier than everyone else as long as you are in a green, you’ve won.

Good luck everyone!

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