People dont sell NFTs for “%90 off” they sell it to themselves for ridicilous prices,then sell them to someone who thinks they are getting a good deal


I’ve seen a lot of articles writting about people “accidently” selling a $500k worth NFT to someone for “only $50k” dollars or similar prices.The truth is,people know that no real investor would pay $500k or even $100k for a picture that has no stable value ( unless you find someone to ~~ scam ~~ sell to, besides whales or the super rich of course.)

For example, If you look at the Bored Ape Yacht Club prices alone,which are one of the,if not the most expensive NFT right now, you will see that the highest bids dont exceed 40-50 WETH, eventhough they were “sold” for 600-750 WETH before.

The NFT market is extremely manipulated

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