People blaming Matt Damon show that so many crypto investors can’t take responsibility for themselves.


If you invested while near the top and you lost a lot of your money, that’s on you. Though I’m sure most people here know this, and it’s people on twitter and facebook that are insulting and harassing Matt Damon for his ad that pushed so many to start investing.

That upward swing was never meant to last, and the deeper we go into the red the more desperate people become and those with weaker hands will inevitably sell while on the red and want to blame it on someone, anyone but themselves, and I guess a celebrity like Matt makes for a good scapegoat.

Which is a shame, because there’s so many celebrities actually scamming people, yet Matt only did an ad for an actual exchange, but that’s just how people are.

Remember, your investments are 100% your choice, and thus your fault. Both the red and the green.

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