“People are up 10x, WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?!”


This kind of questions are common during bull market like we are experiencing now. Many people are posting about their assets in crypto going up 5, 10x and keep rising.

If you are new to crypto space, and you entered during bull market, a good chance is that you won’t be seeing these kind of returns on investment just yet. People who are up 10x or similar have likely invested their money during when fear levels in crypto market were extreme.

Keep in mind that bulls market makes profits but bear market makes millionaires. And the saying is true. Solana for 3$ in January? Hell yes. DOT for 9$. TASTY. ETH 700$. Dayum! And list goes on.

Do not expect Lambos in 3 seconds after buying in during Bullmarket. Be patient and be brave when others are fearful. Be a bargain hunter and search for projects with good fundamentals. That’s where the real profits are.

Now let me get back to my ramen and tap water.

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