People are now blaming PlanB for losing money


PlanB has now admitted that 98K is not going to happen this month, on his Twitter. And a lot of people commented: “Do you know how much money people lost because of you.”

And that really pisses me off. Did PlanB tell you to open leveraged longs? No, he didn’t. That’s their own decision. He just makes predictions like everyone else. He’s been right 3 times in a row, which is way better than what the haters do.

Also, even if he told you: Open up leveraged longs, it’s still your decision to listen to that or not. Take predicions with a grain of salt.

I am not here to defend or attack PlanB, I am neutral. But I do want to rant about the people who are now saying: “I lost so much money because of you, scammer.” He’s a scammer because he can’t predict Bitcoin correctly?

I have to be honest, I thought 98K was going to happen as well, because he was so accurate before. Halfway during the month I noticed it was probably not going to happen. But now people are attacking him, because he was wrong and that’s not fair.

Wondering what will happen to Benjamin Cowen when he makes a wrong prediction…

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