P2E is more focused on NFT selling than anything else


I’ve played around with Axie, SAND, MANA, GALA, Milky.
And I’ve waited for much hype and no delivery besides “gameplay” videos like Illuvium and what not.

Let me tell you most of these games nobody, literally nobody would give 1$ to play them, hell I even doubt if they payed anyone to play people would just outright not accept it. But it’s crypto so ofcourse people would gladely accept to be payed to win an inflationary shitcoin.

Their games are Sh*t, graphics that look worse than gameboy games back in 1998, zero story, lots of bugs and bots.

The community is only worried about earnings and couldn’t care less about gameplay. Gala for instance promotes a ton of upcoming games and releases a lot of dev meetings bla bla bla.

Meanwhile they keep pumping NFTs to the market and no games come out.

Their NFTs have worse description than boring ape. And you are supposed to use them in a game you don’t even know the gameplay with a crap description of what it does.

SAND and MANA are just LAND sales promisses, as if there’s not going to be another company with a better dev team that could probably make a better virtual world with an already big social network (cough cough facebook) and all that land you bought will probably be worthless because you are just betting on a company sole product to lift your investments.

The only game I played that I enjoyed for a while was thetan arena which is a moba game, I liked it because I already like league of legends so there’s that, and even that game sucks in tokenomics and it’s just a company. But at least invested a little bit in better graphics unlike everyone else…

Axie, the bot world, I’m questioning if investors are also bots. There’s legit no fun or tokenomics worth your time. People like to compare to other legacy and well know games, but this is like imagining the random stick you found in your backyard is a jedi lightsaber.

You guys know anymore crypto games you’d like to add to this rant?

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