Out of interest, does anyone here still actually believe in legitimate use cases for crypto, or are you all just out of control gamblers throwing money at anything in the hope it will pump?


I mean, what people want to do with their money is their choice, so you can waste it on anything you fancy. Crypto is all about freedom after all.

But this was originally a crypto sub and we used to talk about legitimate use cases and how crypto could change the world for the better.

I could be wrong, but I get the sense that the majority of people here nowadays don’t really care about crypto as an ecosystem. It’s simply a mechanism for some sort of moonshot…

The ‘in it for the tech’ vs. ‘in it for the money’ debate is as old as crypto itself. But in the past I’d say the groups had a natural crossover, or the latter at least was looking at long-term profits. Now I sense that most here aren’t really interested in the tech at all, nor have any faith or belief in crypto’s long-term future.

No moral judgement here. But would you say you’re actually a crypto believer, or just in it for the short term returns?

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