Our favorite stablecoin is popping off


Algo gang stand up!

We’re on the move fellas and ladies and everyone in between, we all knew Algo would have it’s time in the sun.

Remember when we have large pumps like this that we can use part of our gains to help those who need it; your ETH, your ALGO, your moons can help a person more than you know.

It’s our obligation to help out fellow man, we’re all god. We’re all consciousness, we’re all everything all at once. Your time in your vessel is finite, but your soul is infinite.

Your don’t get to take the money with you, so help a person less fortunate than you.

Treat everyone like god in drag

You are love.

The culture of crypto should be when we pump we help each other. We are greater than our gains, than our money, or than ourselves.

Be here now.

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