OriginTrail (Trac) – Due Diligence – Part 4 – Coinbase & Coinbase Pro listing – BSI & Pharmaceutical Industry – EA Knowledge Graph Strat. joins OT advisory board – ODN v6 upgrade – Oddgems AMA with founders! Enjoy!


Hi guys,

this is the 4th DD installation for OriginTrail. I’ve been trying to inform all of you regarding OriginTrail but hardly anyone wants to look. Well, now that the token is getting T1 listings, Coinbase & Coinbase Pro specifically, FINALLY, it may be about time you start looking.

Again, my previous DDs can be found here;

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This part is simply a continuation from there. Part 1 and Part 2 are long, while Part 3 and Part 4 contain the latest updates and news regarding the OriginTrail ecosystem. If you have no clue as to what OT is, then reading Part 1 and Part 2 are basically essential, as none of the technical stuff is discussed in Part 3 and Part 4!

I’ll just hit it off with the Coinbase announcement as OriginTrail is finally getting its first T1 listing:

Coinbase Listing!

Coinbase announces OriginTrail one of 4 tokens to start trading on Coinbase and Coinbase Pro on October 28th! This is pretty big for OriginTrail as the token has been stuck with Kucoin as the only serious exchange since the ICO in early 2018. If you read my previous DDs you’ll know that this isn’t some coincidence and is going according to plan for what OriginTrail is bringing to the table in the grand scheme of crypto space! CoinbasePro tweet

British Standard Institute, BSI & Pharmaceutical industry

If you’ve read my previous DD series then you’re already familiar with BSI. BSI is exclusively partnered with OT for 3 years now and by far constitutes the strongest partnership between the two. Without exaggerating. Assuming you’ve read my entire DD series you’ll understand why. BSI released a paper called “Building resilience and trust into the distribution of pharmaceuticals and vaccines“. It’s a 4-page document. This solution relies on OriginTrails ODN. I’ll cut to the chase and provide the image from the bottom of the document. Throughout my DD series, I’ve provided AMPLE evidence of the seriousness of this partnership. BSI is involved in basically everything OriginTrail!

EA Sports Knowledge Graph Strategist joins OriginTrail Advisory Board!

Aaron Bradley is a Knowledge Graph strategist at EA Sports and is now officially part of the OT advisory board alongside heavyweights Greg Kidd & Bob Metcalf! There are still 3 more advisors to be announced. Circled out one is Aaron Bradley, the team hasn’t updated the page yet but it should be pretty soon! Official announcements to Greg and Bob can be found in my Part 3 DD. Aaron Bradley official tweet regarding a Twitter spaces session on DKG & NFTs with OT!

The OriginTrail Decentralized Network (ODN) getting upgraded to v6 version!

Here is Brana, OTs CTO, showing a small teaser. This is by far one of the biggest announcements to come and according to the team v6 upgrade on the ODN is coming before the end of this year. The sheer improvement from v5 version to v6 will be staggering. A complete shift as to the capabilities of what ODN will be able to do. This is where Decentralized Knowledge Graph will kick into full force! Also, thanks to v6, ODN will acquire indexing and querying of data which is what The Graph is doing. In this case, you’ll have a Decentralized Knowledge Graph on top. Those who understand the sheer scale of this will appreciate this immensely!

Oddgems AMA

A couple of weeks ago Oddgems, a popular social media crypto channel held an AMA with OriginTrail founders for his community. You can find the link and transcript to the entire AMA here.

I hope you all have a great day! I know I am. Again, gold served on a diamond platter! I hope you enjoyed this.

Till next time!

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