OPCT Opacity – Highly Undervalued Private Storage – HUGE December Releases


Opacity (OPCT) – Highly undervalued smallcap with huge upcoming releases.


I’ll start off with the disclaimer that I’ve been invested in Opacity for a couple of years now and I wanted to share why I’m still in it and why I believe in it. It recently reached a new ATH, but I believe that it can still grow much more, especially as I’m in it for the fundamentals. I believe that online privacy is more important than ever right now with tech giants like Facebook and Google having no respect for people’s privacy.

Opacity is a private and anonymous storage provider, where you don’t even need an email address to set up an account and your uploaded files are encryped client-side and chunked, so that not even the Opacity team knows which files are yours or what they are. Ease of use is the other main selling point of Opacity.

Current state:

The most up to date and easiest way of using Opacity is by using the webapp that reached version 2.0 earlier this year and it’s very user friendly.

The current downside is that Opacity is not decentralised, but Sia will be added very soon as a storage provider and as a stepping stone to full decentralisation. As a long term goal, Opacity aims to become a gateway for storage providers, including both large enterprises like Amazon’s AWS to Sia’s or Storj’s network, with the main added benefit being the privacy and anonymity layer.

Each OPCT is currently worth 64GB, but that will change as soon as full decentralisation kicks in, since anyone running a node will be able to charge what they want for their provided storage. With decentralisation it will also be possible to stake your coins.

Due to current issues with Ethereum fees, OPCT is also available as a wrapped version on the Polygon network. Another small, but important point is that Opacity has a hardcap of 130 million tokens with all tokens having already been distributed.

Coming very soon:

There is an upcoming mobile app which will be released very soon (currently in the last stages of beta testing), which is huge because it targets a much larger group. The Sia node development is currently being worked on and should also be released soon, which means that Opacity will very soon be decentralised.

An AMA with CEO Jason Coppola that will be hosted by Polygon is scheduled for December 9th.


Opacity currently has a market cap of 60 million, which compared to FIL’s 6 billion, leaves it with a huge amount of room for growth. How many other smallcaps with a working product are there even out there? That’s one of the many reasons I believe that it’s still hugely undervalued.op

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