One of this sub’s favorite whales sold the top (again) and just rebought over 1000 BTC last night. He/she/they continue to make phenomenal trades.


One of the metrics I use for my analysis is checking to see what certain whales are doing. This is the third biggest BTC wallet in existence and is the biggest non-exchange cold wallet on the Bitcoin Rich List.

I routinely check their activity to see what they’re up to because when all else fails it’s best to just do what the big dogs are doing (of course another strategy is to just hold). Anyway, this particular wallet has a fantastic record of selling before a correction and buying before an upwards movement. And we’re talking thousands of BTC at a time. They usually offload 1500 BTC in a single transaction and then gradually buy their bags back lower. This time, however, they’re going heavy again with another 1000+ BTC purchase.

One of the questions surrounding this wallet could be: are they predicting or causing the market movements?

Another question would be: Is this actually Biff Tannen?

Link to the wallet in the comments.

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