One of the top posts here 3 weeks ago was literally “DON’T FOMO INTO SHIB”, it has gone up 250% since then.


Nobody here truly has any idea what they’re talking about. Even I, like many others, was completely trashing DOGE on this sub when it was $.02, and I watched as it went up to $.70.

You can have the best tokenomics in the universe but it doesn’t mean shit if people aren’t hyped on it and buying it. Are you really buying crypto for the underlying tech or are you buying it with the hope that the value rises and one day you can sell it to someone else at a much higher price? Hype is invaluable.

A coin like Solana has amazing technology behind it but you wouldnt buy it if it went down 98% every year since inception, even if it had the exact same technology. The smart people are here for the money, if we were here for the tech we would be DCA’ing into things like IPhones and not Crypto.

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