One of cryptos main arguments is it can’t be controlled or attacked by a state. So why do people want state regulation?


I’ve recently watched an interview with senior degen Michael Saylor. In the first part of the interview he says that bitcoin can’t be controlled or attacked by a state. This is his reasoning for why bitcoin is such a great asset. Then he goes on later in the interview to say that we need regulation and fdic to make crypto a more legit and safe asset class. But you can’t have it both ways. Why would he in one cheek say that because it’s not regulated it makes it a worthy asset, and then in the other cheek he’s saying we need regulation? Just seems hypocritical and counteractive to his argument. What do you think? I’m curious to know what side you fall in. And I’m getting to the point wheee I would like to invest in crypto but hearing this argument makes me feel suspicious. Here is the link to the interview below:

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