One lesson I have learned this year: never sell your whole bag.


Yea, I apologise now its another missed out on shib post but I wanted to share my experience with doge and shib in hope that we can all learn a lesson from it.

When I first joined crypto 18 (or so) months ago, one of the first alt coins I bought was doge. Suckered in by the cheap price and hype, I bought a small bag but after a few days learning about crypto and people laughing at me, I decided to sell my whole bag for a healthy 20% profit. Not bad I thought for one of my early trades, then obviously it exploded.

Fast forward to shib, I heard the hype but I was smarter now, I knew it was a shitcoin and I knew it would bottom out but for fun I threw in a little bag. Sure enough the bottom dropped out, 75% down, but no worries it was a gamble… a few months past of it doing nothing and with everyone laughing at anyone who held this shit coin. It began a little climb and I saw a chance to get out and make my money back. I took that chance and the next thing you know shib is pumping to the moon.

What I have learned from this experience, is that you should be prepared to let any initial investment ride and most likely lose it, essentiallyon moonshot gam les. Take profits for sure, but if you can’t imagine locking your investment for years then your in the wrong game, and never cash out completely.

Edit: reposted because of the live chat.

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