One big lesson I’ve learned about crypto and cost me a lot of money to learn


In 99% of the cases, if there’s a “major announcement” about a coin coming, this will probably do nothing for the price or, in some cases will even make it go lower.

Unfortunately, “buy the rumor sell the news” is how it usually works.

Personally, it took me a few disappointments to stop expecting anything from announcements.

I think the most painful one was the Cardano smart contracts. Everything about the announcement seemed legit: It’s not a shitcoin, Smart contracts are a thing and there was a lot of hype. And as soon as it went live, the price tanked.

Lesson learned? Nope.

Next was me just being stupid and believing the rumor where someone found SHIB in Tesla’s source code and spread the rumor about them adding SHIB as a payment option. Nope.

Really though, that was my stupidity.

The third time was Matic. I do believe in the coin and think it’s great, but I once again bought close to the announcement (at the ZK roll ups summit)

Clearly, it tanked.

Anyway, don’t believe in rumors and hype, just stick to your usual crypto plan.

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