On 2/2021 Nevada Highway Patrol and D.E.A seized 87K in life savings from a veteran without pressing any charges simply because he didn’t trust banks.


It baffles me that the enforcement authtories can take your property with even a warrant simply because they have “suspicions” on you.

This veteran who goes by the name of Stephen Lara, didn’t trust banks so he had 87k in cash on his vehicle.

The Nevada Highway Patrol pulled him over for “trafic stop” while he was driving to visit his daughters, took the money, and called DEA on him.

No chargers were pressed and there was no proof that this is illegal money.

What’s even more worrying is the fact that the enforcement authtories can resell the confiscated property even if it didn’t have any evidence to generate revenue for the department.

When a man can’t own what he worked his life for, simply because someone deemed it so, do we actually own anything?

There are more rights to guns in America than there is to ownership of something like your money.

Looking at this incident is very eye opening for me, it shows why we need decentralization, why we need something that’s protected not only by law but yourself.

Even the FBI needs a court order to unlock your phone, any crypto currency you have inside it can’t be “seized” without explicit orders from a court.

Looking past the scams, the hacks, the environmental FUDs, what crypto currencies really stand for is truly extraordinary.

The transfer of power from a centralized capitalist institutions to a single individual just because someone who goes by the alias of Satoshi thought it was unfair gives me hope in humanity.

Edit: Didn’t realize I forgot to link the source; A former Marine was pulled over for following a truck too closely. Police took nearly $87,000 of his cash.

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