Ok, we’ve established we don’t like, China, banks and the SEC. What else don’t we like?


So, China today announced for the 458th time that they’re outright banning the use of crypto within the country – fair enough, I think they’ve got their point across.

Banks, well, I think it’s obvious why they’re bound to rub crypto advocates the wrong way – limiting access to and use of their customers’ funds arbitrarily, condemning crypto for doing what they’ve been doing for 100 years and to a much greater degree; charging excessive fees, laughable interest rates and, by christ, it’s difficult to find a decent parking spot close by.

The SEC…hmmm…give me a sec…oh, yeah! They help the banks and maintain the status quo – would probably advocate for feudalism if their overlords requested it of them. Oh, but wait, they’ve got Gary Gensler now – the old Genny boy MIT graduate crypto aficionado – he’s going to turn it all around, finally bring the public to see crypto for what it is…What’s that, Gary? No more staking? Well, fuck!

What else gets your goat, cryptoland?

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