OK, let’s see what else does this sub NOT recommend?


So I can buy a metric shitload of it. And finally make bank.

I mean, this is insane. Sub says sell BNB, bcs Binance sucks and BNB is centralized, which the sub does not want. BNB pumps. Sub recommends SOL, I buy SOL, it dumps bcs of a bug and SOL team halts the entire blockchain. Sub says this is centralized coin, not good, sell SOL, I sell. It pumps. Sub says buy QNT, I buy QNT, it dumps. Sub says buy ERG, I buy ERG, it dumps.

I make some money on a dog named coin (got in on second day of it pumping 50-60% a day), make a small profit. Sub says sell it, I sell it. At 0.000025. It pumps 300% in a freakin’ week (from the day I sold), while everything else is dropping like crazy.

So, let’s make some money now. I’m betting against this sub.

Best two answers get $50 each. betting on the opposite outcome, of course.

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