OK. I get it now. I get the Binance hate


Decided to sell a bit of my portfolio, and withdraw funds to Kucoin to buy sth that’s not available on Binance.

So I sell some stuff, buy XLM (low fees, right), withdraw to Kucoin, do all the necessary 2FA stuff. Got an e-mail saying there was an error.

Freakin’ “unusual activity”.

Due to unusual activity on your account, the withdrawal function has been temporarily disabled. To restore withdrawals, we will require you to complete Face Verification. You may access the Face Verification feature by logging into www.binance.com and visiting the “”Dashboard”” page. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our support team.

Withdrawal is unusual activity? REALLY, Binance?

Now I have to do Face verification. How about FUCKING NO??

So, I calm down, OK, dude, you gotta do it. Just do it, transfer all of your little beer money funds, and let’s go away from this manipulating crap of an exchange. Do the mobile thing, QR code, easy peasy. “QC code invalid”. Veins start coming out on my forehead, foam in the corner of the mouth, the whole nine yards.

I used to like it. Cool basic site, everything working out, some minor headaches when shit goes down in all of crypto, but nothing substantial (since I don’t do leverage).

I get it now. I get all the hate. I was wrong. As soon as I figure out how to do the thing without giving my DNA to Binance to withdraw this little bit of portfolio I have there, I’m bailing. And never coming back.

EDIT: go on, downvote away. Serial freakin’ downvoters, this just confirms my suspicions. Sketchy AF.

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