Now that we are RED what coins are you buying?


I’m honestly happy about this sweet sale. I’ve been holding fiat and waiting for the right moment to buy more. Right now I’m thinking of buying Enjin, more MATIC, DOT, and FET.

I have a good feeling that MATIC and DOT will run and keep pumping. Of course, I don’t know shit and this is just my opinion/thoughts after looking at the chart. I also think Enjin will do great. I’m not sure about FET but I know it’s a solid, undervalued project.

Anyway, What coins will you be buying and dcaing into?

PS: if you’re new to crypto (I’m pretty new myself) don’t be scared or worried. This is just another buying opportunity—hodl strong and you’ll come out on top. Buy more if you can!

EDIT: I’m not in red! I’m talking about the market in general! I’m still pretty green especially with my MATIC and DOT! But I still think this is a good time to DCA if you have some fiat.

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